The Larkins of 'Tosa: A Brief Family History

Larkin 7

50th Wedding Anniversary in 1991

For more than 50 years, Frank and Mary Shinners Larkin lived with their five children in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. On this web site, I share what information I have on our ancestors and their various journeys that led to our home in Wauwatosa. This story begins in the 1840s on the shores of Ireland and England from where our 16 great-great grandparents set out for America in search of new opportunities, enacting our family’s version of the “immigration experience” so often in the news today. It ends in the 1990s when mom and dad closed up their home in ‘Tosa and headed for what would be their final home in a neighboring suburb.

Our family history, of course, began long before the 1840s in locations far removed from Europe, and it continues to this day in many scattered locations.  However, I leave it to the children or the grandchildren of the Larkins of 'Tosa to extend and to enrich the brief history that is recorded here.